Hi 👋,

I am Samal Gorai. I am based out of Mumbai.

What I do?

I work on a technology, software design, web architecture and infrastructure.

Where I work?

I am currently employed @Servify as a Director of Technology.

What skills do I have?

I have been working on Web related technology for past 10 Years. I have built several large web and mobile application.

About my work experiences?

I was an Solution Engineer at Ericsson for a short time and then I worked at 6DTech for 2.5 Years. I co-founded Treashare but it didn't work out due to various reason. I helped build BugClipper and I was there for a Year and then I started an EdTech in 2015 but it didn't make it long. I continued running my company wslab along with I built Remitr and acted as a Tech Head for them. Now I work at Servify.

How I can help you?

I am good with product design, architecture planning, in-house team building, skill development.

What are my interest?

Working in technology and startup obviously. I also help People in need, fund some under privilege children in my community for Education. I teach and mentor young aspirants. Some other things that interests me are World Politics, Geography, History, Farming, Spirituality.